If you have not filled out the back to school paperwork, your student will soon be excluded from school.
Visit our Back to School page for instructions on how to complete this task.
In addition, if your student received notice by letter or phone call regarding missing immunizations, they will not be permitted to attend school Tuesday 9/27. They will be sent home or sent to ACA for the day. This will be an unexcused absence. Students must have proof of the immunization given or proof of an upcoming doctor's appointment. Parents may also provide a signed waiver for the vaccine requested (available on district website in departments tab). You may contact one of the following to make an appointment:
Mt. Airy Elementary School  513-363-3765 (Health Department Clinic)
Nurse Shaw 513-728-4783 ext.10004 for an appointment:
Wednesday, October 12th, 1pm-4pm with Cincinnati Children's Hospital at the North College Hill Middle School Building (space is limited; only 18 slots)